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Most of us are familiar with magicians who perform at birthday parties. Magic conjures up great entertainment for birthday celebrations. But did you know that strolling magicians Boston are great for other private events as well? BIRTHDAYWORKS has the talented, skilled and astounding strolling magicians Boston who will make sure your next private occasion a terrific experience for all of your guests!

Strolling magicians Boston make any occasion special

Perhaps you are planning a workplace party for a much beloved colleague who has accepted another opportunity? Strolling magicians Boston will ensure that your farewell is truly memorable as they perform their spellbinding tricks and sleight of hand for the guest of honor and your fellow workers! Maybe you’re looking forward to the planning of your parents’ 30th wedding anniversary? Strolling magicians Boston will fantastically materialize treasured moments of fun and incredible close up magic that will become fond memories for your parents’ continued happiness! Bar mitzvahs, baby showers, bachelor or bachelorette parties – just about any festivity that brings family and friends together are a great opportunity to enjoy Birthdayworks’ mind boggling magical professionals!

Strolling magicians Boston have a complete bag of tricks

Our Boston magicians demonstrate skills which cover the entire gamut of magical tricks and illusions. They remind audiences of how much they love such favorites as cups and balls and coin and card tricks. Birthdayworks magician’s also raise magic to new levels of excitement with more sophisticated tricks such as levitating ropes, oriental rings and even work with rabbits, doves and other animals. Your guests will be completely entranced by strolling magicians Boston with their flair and style that brings forth the mysterious and eerie. Audience members never fail to depart their stage productions questioning reality as they attempt to explain the unexplainable.

Strolling magicians Boston are great for public events, too

Beyond private events, Birthdayworks has magical professionals who will be among the highlights for public presentations. Trade shows, street fairs, corporate promotions, county fairs and other productions are made more compelling by magicians in Boston who perform either on the stage or strolling through crowds.

Book your strolling magicians Boston today!

For further information, please visit our website at and see first hand photos and video of our strolling magicians Boston in action. We’re ready to make your next party or event a much loved affair for all of your guests and participants!

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