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Searching for a great way to create greater visibility for your business or organization? Why not bring magic to your promotional efforts through BIRTHDAYWORKS. When you have a strolling magician Boston in your marketing mix, you create a fun experience that will leave a positive impression about your products and services with your guests and audiences. Birthdayworks will undoubtedly have a strolling magician Boston who will astound your audiences with their amazing talent to create breathtaking feats of illusion. Our website at will inform you about the different programs available for both children and adult events.

Strolling magician Boston is a crowd pleaser

Just what kind of events are best suited for magicians in Boston? The answer is just about any kind of occasion is right for a Birthdayworks professional magician. Perhaps your company is participating in a community-wide event – maybe a fundraising race for a local charity? A strolling magician Boston clearly identified with your company who delights runners and supporters as part of post-event entertainment is a great way to generate good will for your corporate messages! Party magicians Boston are also ideal for street festivals, trade shows, block parties, county fairs and other public events.

A Strolling magician Boston is expert at his craft

Each strolling magician Boston brought to you by Birthdayworks event planners Boston is well known and respected practitioners of the magical arts. Their expertise is celebrated throughout New England and often nationally and internationally. Our strolling magician Boston extensive repertoires include presentations of classic favorites such as cups and balls and coin and card tricks. They are equally proficient with more sophisticated magic that includes levitating ropes, oriental rings, and work with animals such as doves and rabbits.

Strolling magician Boston is great for private occasions too

Birthdayworks, a division of Urban Circus Events, Inc. will provide a strolling magician Boston expert at adding a special touch to private occasions within your home, at catering halls or similar venues. They add fantastic excitement to birthday parties, graduations, weddings, bar mitzvahs, baby showers and similar milestones in our lives. Everyone invited to your private occasion will not only be amazed with a strolling magician Boston and his superior level of sleight of hand but thank you for keeping them so highly entertained during your event!

Plan ahead for a Boston party magician today!

Book your appointment for Boston magicians today by visiting our website or just call the numbers below. We’re available to make your next party or event a stand out for all of your guests and participants!

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