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Are you planning a birthday party and considering magicians in Boston? BIRTHDAYWORKS provides top notch Boston magicians to perform at any event! Promotions, fairs, college shows, and corporate events are just some of the venues where magicians in Boston work their fascinating skills, exciting and thrilling audiences of all ages. Their polished performances include coin and card tricks, levitating and disappearing objects always presented with an original spin on these traditional themes. Visit our website to see photo galleries and get information about our various programs.

Magicians in Boston offer a variety of programs

BIRTHDAYWORKS provides magicians that are multi-talented. We have many programs to choose from! Leading in children’s entertainment Boston, our magicians in Boston administer a strolling magic option, where our Boston magician mingles and amazes your guests by pulling coins from mysterious places, and making cards disappear. The birthday party program features a 40 minute show which is comical and very interactive. The birthday boy or girl is always made to feel special as they are invited to assist the magician in his magical feats. Following the show our magicians in Boston make marvelous balloon animals for each child. Choose BIRTHDAYWORKS, rated highest in magicians in Boston, for an experience you will never forget!

Other Magicians in Boston Programs

Among the other programs through BIRTHDAYWORKS, our magicians in Boston also perform stage shows. These shows include sleight of hand, levitating ropes, oriental rings, and often incorporate live bunnies and doves. They can be performed at schools, fairs or promotions. Full stage show productions demonstrating grand illusion are available for special events. Our magicians in Boston have received rave reviews for their high level of skill and showmanship.

Birthdayworks offers many categories of children’s entertainers

Birthdayworks provides additional information and pictures of all of entertainers on our website at Almost every need for children’s entertainment is available through our full service company. To speak with a party planner, please call now!

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