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BIRTHDAYWORKS offers a magician MA to entertain your guests at birthday parties, festivals, corporate events, larger school events, promotions, and fairs. Our magician MA brings amusement and excitement to any event. Using their skills in oriental rings and disappearing objects, they will impress and confuse your guests endlessly. Our magician MA is well-known and top-notch in the world of children’s entertainment MA. Our magician MA is for hire throughout the entire state. Take time to visit our website to see the many categories of children’s entertainers we represent.

Choose the Magician MA program that is right for you

Elect the magician MA program that is right for your child. Our magician MA stage show features card tricks, doves, bunnies, coin tricks, cups, and disappearing objects. Strolling magicians can also be hired to mingle with your guests, mystifying them with their sleight of hand. Our magician MA also performs full stage shows, utilizing more sophisticated illusions such as levitation and escape trunk artists.

Other options offered by BIRTHDAYWORKS are programs where our magician MA uses comedy and even juggling to embellish their acts. Rabbits and doves appear and multiply to accompany our magician MA in making your child’s birthday party a memorable event.

Our MA magician is for hire at your party location. Available throughout the entire state, we provide music, magic, and many other genres of entertainers to ensure laughter at any birthday event.

BIRTHDAYWORKS other Children's Entertainment Services

Our magician MA also provides alternative celebration services. Our magician MA uses comedy magic, grand illusion, and audience participation to engage your guests. Whether you choose the full stage show, a medium stage show, or a strolling magician program, your guests will be delighted. Other programs offered are Pirate, Princess, or Clown themed parties.

Alternative Services Offered along with our Magicians in Massachusetts

Please visit our website at to find out what else our magician MA has to offer you. Their exciting feats and amazing costumes will dazzle any event. Please call us to learn more about our rates, fees, and available.

For more information call:   781-647-0070   or   800-455-1170

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