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BIRTHDAYWORKS offers exciting and hilarious Boston clowns and magicians for hire at birthday parties, festivals, larger school events, corporate events, promotions, and fairs. Noted as top in the state in children’s entertainment, our magician Boston will bring mystified gasps of delight to any event. Using their outstanding skills in coin tricks, disappearing objects, and levitation, our magicians are among the most remarkable as children’s entertainers in Boston. Our magician Boston is available throughout the entire state.

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Hire the Magician Boston that is right for you

Choose the event plan that is best for you by selecting a Magician Boston that fits any child’s interests. At birthday parties our experienced Boston magicians are adept at gearing their 40 minute show to the age of their audiences. Some use bunny rabbits and doves in their acts. Always interactive and comical our magician Boston pays special attention to the birthday boy or girl and includes them in the act as an assistant. Following the show our magician Boston makes balloon animals for each child as a party souvenir. Strolling magic (where a magician mingles with your guests), or stage shows are among some of the other programs available.

Magician Boston will enhance any event. BIRTHDAYWORKS provides affordable and exciting services that will make your child’s birthday party Boston a smashing success. Whether your child’s interests are in pirates, princesses, or acrobatics, our Magician Boston can make your birthday planning easy and successful.

BIRTHDAYWORKS - other Services

In addition to our Magician Boston we also provide custom celebrations. Choose a stage show that last 40 minutes, and features levitating ropes, oriental rings, bunnies in hats, etc. Or choose a full stage show that incorporates grand illusions like sawing people in half (no harm done!) and performers escaping from locked trucks! Strolling magic is also offered where our magician Boston mingles with guests impressing them with their sleight of hand and mysterious card tricks. Our Magician Boston will not disappoint. Call today to choose the right program for you!

Magician Boston and other categories of entertainers - Check out their talents!

To find out our rates and fees, please call our party planners, and be sure to visit for more information about our magician Boston as an entertainment solution for your party or event.

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