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BIRTHDAYWORKS offers excellent MA party clowns for birthday parties, fairs, festivals, promotions, and corporate events. They are very skilled at magic, face painting, balloon art, comedy and some even juggle. We have phenomenal male and female MA party clowns that can cater to a wide variety of event needs. They are both amusing and adorable in their stage presence and bringing joy and excitement to children’s parties. You may choose from an ample selection of MA party clowns that wear either classical or light makeup. Even the youngest kids love the shows of our MA party clowns! Take a few minutes to visit to learn more.

All of our MA party clowns are well experienced children’s entertainment professionals. Some of our clowns have performed in circuses in America, France, and Russia. They have all been well trained and their experience is evident in their convincing, engaging performances. You can rent a party clown Boston that includes animals such as bunny rabbits and other cute animals in his act. Some of our clowns juggle and walk on stilts, while others offer music and games as part of their program. All of our MA party clowns are colorful, wear stunning costumes, and promise to be the hit of your next party or event! Birthdayworks can supply MA party clowns to be the focal point of your child’s party.

In addition to our MA party clowns, Birthdayworks offers the following children's entertainers:

Programs offer a variety of activities

Our MA party clowns usually perform for approximately 1 ¼ hours. Basic clown shows include simple magic, face painting and balloon creations. Music and game programs are extremely popular for the youngest children and our MA party clowns are very skilled at running these activities for kids. They can also make balloon creations and do face painting for the kids. The young children always appreciate the combination clown and kid’s character show. Our MA party clowns will act as a popular kid’s characters for the first ½ hour of the party and then perform a typical clown show for 1 hour.

Our website at displays a colorful photo gallery of our selection of MA party clowns, and describes the various programs. For more information please call the children’s entertainment specialist at Birthdayworks.

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