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BIRTHDAYWORKS offers a diverse group of male and female MA clowns and MA magicians to entertain at festivals, birthday parties, corporate events, and fairs. Our MA magicians, armed with a stupendous bag of tricks, bring surprises and excitement to any event. Using their skills in coin and card tricks, juggling, and comedy magic, our MA magicians will be sure to impress you. BIRTHDAYWORKS makes it easy for you to plan any event, as our MA magicians are for hire throughout the entire state.

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Choose the MA magicians Program that is right for you

Pick from a wide variety of programs for your child’s birthday party. Our MA magicians perform a 40 minute show for the children followed by balloon sculptures for the typical party with up to 20 guests. Strolling magic is great for larger events, where our MA magicians mingle with your guests, astonishing them with coin tricks and sleight of hand. Regular or full stage shows are also available. A regular stage show features top-notch illusion acts along with rabbits and doves appearing and disappearing. Our full show contains grand illusion. Choose our MA magicians for an amazing and astonishing experience! BIRTHDAYWORKS has sought out the very best MA magicians to entertain at your event with endless and dynamic birthday reverie.

Our MA magicians travel anywhere in the state, and are for hire at a location near you. If your child’s interests lie in music, or clowns, or princesses (to name a few), we have a program that ensures laughter and amusement at any birthday event.

BIRTHDAYWORKS offers other Children’s Entertainment Services

Our MA magicians also provide custom celebration services. Top notch in a number of different entertainment arenas, our MA magicians use levitating ropes, oriental rings, and grand illusions to create amusement and gasps of astonishment at your event. From the strolling magic programs, to the full stage program, our magicians are sure to amaze and astound your guests. Clowns, Princesses, and Pirates are also available for hire to provide you with a variety of themed parties to choose from.

Alternative Services Offered by BIRTHDAYWORK in addition to our MA magicians

Please view our photo gallery at and see what else our MA magicians have to offer you. Their special skills and amazing productions will dazzle any event. Please call us to learn more about our magicians for hire, rates, fees, and availability.

For more information call:   781-647-0070   or   800-455-1170

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