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BIRTHDAYWORKS offers a diverse group of male and female MA clowns to entertain at festivals, birthday parties, corporate events, and fairs. Our MA clowns, while adorned in colorful and top-of-the-line costuming, bring amusement and excitement to any event. Using their skills in simple magic, balloon art, face painting, juggling, our MA clowns entertain brilliantly at all children’s events. BIRTHDAYWORKS MA makes it easy for you to plan any event, as our MA clowns are for hire throughout the entire state. A visit to our website will show our wonderful offerings:

Choose the Clowns in MA clowns Program that is right for you

Pick from a wide variety of programs for your child’s birthday party. For the youngest kids, music and games, face painting, and then the creation of delightful balloon animals provide an entertaining and exciting option. This is a basic program that is ideal for three, four, and five year olds. Other amazing programs performed by our MA clowns feature puppetry and live animals. BIRTHDAYWORKS also provides colorful and top-of-the-line costuming for their MA clowns, sprucing up your event with endless and dynamic birthday party excitement.

Our MA clowns travel anywhere in the state, and are for hire at a location near you. If your child’s interests lie in music, or magic, or princesses (to name a few), we have a program that ensures laughter and enjoyment at any birthday event.

BIRTHDAYWORKS Features other Children’s Entertainment Services

Our MA clowns also provide custom celebration services. Dressing as different characters, our clowns travel throughout the state entertaining guests at events of all types. Lasting an hour and a half in length, our birthday party clowns MA offer a basic package featuring simple magic, balloon creations, and face painting. When dressing as a favorite children’s character, our MA clowns will entertain your guests as that personality for the first half hour, and continue on in clown costume with the basic program for the remaining hour.

Alternative Services Offered by BIRTHDAYWORKS

Please view our photo gallery at and see what else our MA clowns have to offer you. Their special skills and amazing costumes will dazzle any event. Please call us to learn more about our clowns for hire, rates, fees, and availability.

For more information call:   781-647-0070   or   800-455-1170

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