Kids Party Characters Boston

What could be more special and fun for your youngster than to have their favorite kids characters Boston visit him or her at their next birthday party! For this reason, parents love the extensive quality and selection of kids party characters Boston brought to you by With over 30 kids costumed characters Boston to choose from, we are sure to have your child’s favorite. A look at our website will inform you about our programs and selection.

Kids Party Characters Boston offers exciting choices

No matter what your child’s interests, we have characters for kids parties Boston waiting for them! Our expansive variety of special guests includes Santa Claus, a regal knight, a swashbuckling pirate, cute snowmen, a fun loving monkey, a mysterious alien, plus current favorites such as Spider Guy and Winnie the bear.

Imagine your child’s thrill when he or she realizes that their favorite cartoon or movie personality has come to wish them all the best on their birthday!

Kids Party Characters Boston: a full schedule of fun!

Each of our costumed characters MA arrives at children’s birthday parties with an hour-long schedule of fun! For the first thirty minutes, our personalities interact in character with the birthday boy or girl and their guests through exciting music and games (our personalities come fully equipped with their own sound systems to keep children active and happy).

For the following half hour, our kids costumed characters Boston fashion balloon animals and sculptures that will capture boys’ and girls’ interests, as well as delight them with their very own balloon creation to take home.

Your child comes first with our Kids Party Characters Boston

Our kids party characters are both age appropriate and tailored to meet your individual child’s personality and comfort level.

For children who shy away from being the center of attention, for instance, our characters encourage them to take on the role of being a “helper” – an assistant for their wonderful stage show in the youngster’s home. Meanwhile, our characters for kids parties Boston are prepared to shine the spotlight on more outgoing boys and girls during their visits. Either way, your youngster will truly enjoy the appearance of their very welcome visitor!

Reserve your Kids Party Characters Boston today!

Here’s your chance to welcome a kids character to your child’s next party! Make your appointment by calling the numbers below. You can also visit to our website at for details about our services.

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