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BIRTHDAYWORKS offers amazing clowns in Boston for birthday parties, fairs, festivals, promotions, and corporate events. Their wide array of talents include face painting, balloon art, magic, juggling, and comic skills. Our amazing clowns in Boston are incredible children’s entertainers. Their performances have brought joy to many children’s parties and are guaranteed to do the same for yours. Our clowns in Boston can wear either light or classical makeup. View photos of our selection of fantastic clowns on our website at and call our party planners with questions about our programs for birthday parties and special events.

The Best Clowns in Boston

Birthdayworks provides clowns in Boston and throughout most of Massachusetts who are highly trained professional children’s entertainers. Some of our Boston clowns have performed abroad in Russia and France, in addition to their American performances. You will be thrilled with their engaging performances that delight child audiences. You can rent clowns in Boston that can include animals such as bunny rabbits and doves in their acts. Some of our Boston clowns juggle, while others focus on games and music for their shows. All of our clowns in the Boston area are very colorful, wear fun costumes, and are a must-have for your child’s birthday party. Birthdayworks can provide clowns in Boston to make your child’s birthday party an unforgettable time.

We don’t just offer Boston’s best clowns… Birthdayworks offers the following children’s entertainers:

Clowns in Boston Programs and Offerings

Our clowns in Boston generally perform for 1 ¼ hours. A choice of different programs is available. Basic shows for clowns in Boston include simple magic, face painting and balloon creations. Music and game programs are extremely popular for the youngest children and our Boston clowns do a wonderful job at making these activities fun for kids. They also make balloon creations and do face painting for the kids. The 1 through 5 year olds always appreciate the combination clown and kid’s character show. Our clowns of Boston will act as a popular kid’s characters for the first ½ hour of the party and then perform a basic clown show for an additional 1 hour.

Check out our website at to view the photo gallery, see our clowns in Boston, and learn more about their offered programs. For more information about clowns in Boston programs, fees, and availability, please call the children’s entertainment specialist at Birthdayworks.

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