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When it comes to children’s entertainment Boston, you only want the best for the “star of the day” and his or her guests. This is why parents and others turn to BIRTHDAYWORKS and our website for the best in children’s entertainment Boston. We offer a wide selection of performers for your child’s birthday party including Boston clowns, magicians, storytellers, caricature artists, jugglers, and kids party characters Boston. Children’s entertainment Boston is our specialty and the fantastic Boston area children’s entertainers we have available for your birthday party and event needs are impressive.

Children’s entertainment Boston performed by top professionals

At Birthdayworks, our performers are acclaimed and well-known in the realm of children’s entertainment Boston. Many have been showcased in stage revues and circuses throughout the U.S. and overseas. In addition to being adored by general audiences, children’s entertainment Boston performers are also very highly regarded by their peers – fellow Boston entertainers who respect their considerable talents and skills.

For instance, our storytellers always astound audiences with their tall tales while our caricature artists work wonders with their easel-perfect techniques. Meanwhile, our costumed characters – everyone from friendly ghosts to the daring “spider guy” – will be fan favorites at your child’s next birthday party! Our performers have proven backgrounds of entertaining and thrilling audiences on both large and small stages. Each of our children’s entertainment Boston artists is equally proficient in bringing smiles and laughter to large audiences as to individual viewers.

Children’s entertainment Boston performers are experienced

Each of our performers is well-versed and knowledgeable about classic and current aspects of their specialties. For instance, Birthdayworks magicians offer exciting dimensions to favorite cups and balls routines while, at the same time, presenting new and exciting tricks with levitating ropes and oriental rings. Similarly, our MA clowns shine with their much beloved comic antics as much as with the new twists and turns to their always popular balloon animals.

Birthdayworks jugglers and singing telegrams are sure to be memorable and fun-loving for young guests. Children are especially fascinated by children’s entertainment Boston jugglers’ skill and precision while singing telegrams – everyone from pirates to singing bees – will make your child’s birthday party a very positive, unforgettable experience.

Children’s entertainment Boston is ready for your call

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