Caricature artists Massachusetts

For children, art opens up a whole world of possibilities. And what better way to introduce youngsters to the world of caricature artists Massachusetts than by having a highly experienced, talented artist at your child’s next birthday party! Our caricature artists Massachusetts will expose youngsters to art in an enjoyable way by demonstrating the process first hand. Visits to museums and putting a paint brush to canvas will take on a whole new meaning once they have experienced the creation of their own portrait by one of caricature artists Massachusetts. For this reason, older children (8 years of age and older) especially delight in having BIRTHDAYWORKS caricature artists Massachusetts practice his or her craft at their birthday parties. Photos of our Boston caricature artists and their work are available at our website

Caricature Artists Massachusetts draw attention as they works

Your birthday boy or girl will join their guests in watching with focused attention as our caricature artists Massachusetts practice their craft during the festivities. One expressive portrait after another are turned out with surprising speed by our caricature artists Massachusetts. And the finished works capture the likeness of each child as well as exaggerates certain features and personality traits for light hearted humor. Afterwards, party guests will thrill to the reality of taking home their own caricatures which they will cherish for many years to come.

Caricature Artists Massachusetts make reasonably prices party entertainment

Birthday party Boston organizers have high praise for the many fine renditions produced by our caricature artists Massachusetts. Each caricature artist MA can draw fifteen black and white portraits or paint ten colorful portraits in one hour’s time. Customers often enjoy a price reduction for our caricature artists Massachusetts can work a several hour booking. Frames and/or mats can be supplied and artworks can be easily mounted for an extra fee.

Caricature Artist Massachusetts are skillful craftsmen

Each of our caricature artists Massachusetts offers superior caricatures that highlight the personality and physical traits of their subjects with endearing, fascinating accuracy. They have an undisputed, remarkable talent that enables them to create caricatures that represent the best qualities of their subjects. When finished, their caricatures are humorous, compelling and represents the best in Boston caricature artists and those throughout Massachusetts.

Our caricature artists Massachusetts are also a favorite highlight at many other functions including weddings, bar and bat mitzvahs, street festivals, family events or promotions.

Caricature Artist Massachusetts work throughout the state

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