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Superior caricature artists Boston, like any true artist, succeed in meeting their subject’s interests and desires when it comes to completing their renderings. This is why event organizers should turn to BIRTHDAYWORKS for the best, most customer responsive caricature artists Boston and throughout Massachusetts. Perhaps the subject has a passion for baseball, hiking or sailing? Then our top notch caricature artists Boston can include fun images or references to these interests that will please and delight their subjects. The result will be personalized works of art that guests will be eager to take home and truly cherish for years to come. Go directly to our website for an in depth look at our excellent array of caricature artists Boston.

Caricature artists Boston create beautiful renderings

Caricature artists Boston have a rare, truly remarkable gift that allows them to produce caricatures which define the very essence of their subjects. When completed, their work is whimsical, intriguing and earns praise from both the guest of honor and his or her guests. Each of our caricature artists Boston, as well as those across Massachusetts, is capable of creating fifteen dazzling black and white portraits or color ten truly beautiful renderings in the span of just one hour.

Caricature artists Boston are modestly price party entertainers

Additionally, the cost for our caricature artists Boston is well within the scope of party planner budgets. Customers frequently benefit from a price reduction when they schedule a multiple hour stay, enhancing the affordability of our services. Frames and/or mats can be supplied and artworks can be easily mounted for an extra fee. Caricature artists Boston and our Boston cartoonist are counted among a select group of elite artisans currently practicing their craft in Massachusetts. Many have earned their diplomas from the finest colleges and art academies both here and abroad.

Caricature artists Boston entertain kids and adults at a variety of functions

Our caricature artists Boston are also a wonderful attraction for a wide variety of public and private events including weddings, bar and bat mitzvahs, street festivals, family events or promotions.

In addition to caricature artists Boston, Birthdayworks offers the following:

Caricature artists Boston availability

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