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Looking for that special “something” for your child’s birthday party? A Boston magician from BIRTHDAYWORKS will add that wonderful touch to make your youngster’s big day truly memorable! Each of our Boston magicians arrives at children’s birthday parties complete with their own spectacular bag of tricks. Each of our Boston magicians is well versed in diverse feats of tricks and illusions that are perfect for children of all ages. Our Boston magician has cultivated high skills which include card and coin tricks, cups and balls, levitating ropes, oriental rings, comedy magic and illusions with rabbits and doves.

Boston Magician and Young Audiences

A Boston magician is a seasoned expert at pleasing young audiences. Children will be astonished at their abilities to amaze with spellbinding precision through a fascinating variety of magic tricks. Many of our Birthdayworks Boston magicians are celebrated professionals who are well known throughout New England, as well as nationally and overseas. Our magicians will charm all guests and soon have their young fans riveted to their full repertoire of breathtaking sleight of hand. Often, the birthday boy or girl is brought into the act as “special assistants” to make their party even more fun and compelling.

What to expect with a Boston magician

Our shows for kids party entertainment in Boston typically run one hour in length. During this time, youngsters will experience an energetic and enthusiastic Boston magician who presents a first-rate production of magical comedy and fun. Their acts include both all time favorites such as tricks with cups and balls, as well as the quintessential magic tricks featuring rabbits and doves.

Boston Magician is great for any occasion

In addition to children’s birthday parties, a Boston magician from Birthdayworks is great for just about any occasion. We offer more sophisticated magic that will be the highlight of college shows or private parties for adults, for example. Our magicians also add an exciting dimension to public and private events. A strolling magician Boston will thrill and delight guests at weddings or family gatherings as well as participants at trade shows, street fairs, and corporate events.

Reserve your Boston magician today!

Make your appointment for a Boston magician today by calling the numbers below. We’re ready to make your next party a moment that everyone will fondly remember. View our photo gallery at our website: BIRTHDAYWORKS and learn more.

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