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Whether you’re looking for a Boston clown for festivals, birthday parties, fairs, promotions, or corporate events, BIRTHDAYWORKS WORKS provides excellent solutions. BIRTHDAYWORKS offers many Boston clown characters to light up any child’s birthday party. Our Boston clown leads your group in magic, face painting, balloon art, and juggling and our Boston clown will leave your guests completely amused. Esteemed as the most popular in the children’s entertainment industry, BIRTHDAYWORKS provides a clown who contributes dynamism and creativity to cultivate an experience that your guests will never forget. Available throughout the entire state, you may hire a Boston Clown to make your party a big hit! Please visit our website at to see our many choices.

Select the Boston Clown that is right for you

BIRTHDAYWORKS offers several different programs for your child’s party. Typically these events last for an hour and a quarter. Our most popular basic Boston clown program is comprised of balloons, face painting, and simple magic and is ideal for three through seven year olds. In another program, our Boston clown face paints each child, leads the group in music and games, and creates wonderful and colorful balloon animals to entertain the group.

BIRTHDAYWORKS offers programs where our Boston clown uses live animals or puppetry to embellish his or her acts. Rabbits and doves appear out of nowhere to ensure that our Boston clown in making your child’s birthday party a memorable event.

Alternative Boston Clown Services

Popular within different entertainment industries, BIRTHDAYWORKS customizes parties to meet your celebration needs. Our Boston clowns can dress as different favorite children’s characters. Our clown entertains your guests for the first half-hour of the party as the character of your choosing, and then continues to amaze them with simple magic, balloon creations, and face painting for the remaining hour. Other programs offered are Pirate, Princess, or Magician themed parties. Whichever your child’s interest, our Boston clown is sure to leave him/her happy, giggling, and never wanting her party to end!

Other Specialty Services Offered by BIRTHDAYWORKS

Please visit our website at to learn more about our Boston clowns. We will quote rates, availability about our clown’s hilarious antics and provide you with exciting options. We look forward to serving you in all your entertainment needs.

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