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Your child's birthday party is quickly approaching and the search for quality Boston children’s entertainment is on. That red circle you’ve drawn around the date seems to grow larger every day! The planning is overwhelming – food, invitations, party favors. Relax! When it comes to Boston children’s entertainment, BIRTHDAYWORKS has everything you need to make the birthday party a huge success! No matter what your child’s interests, we offer Boston children’s entertainment that will delight both the guest of honor and his or her guests. For instance, our Boston clowns offer a fun, high energy show featuring comic antics, bright costuming, balloon animals, games and song and dance. Your youngster will thrill to the variety and quality presentation offered by our Boston children’s entertainment. Our website is full of photos and details about our many programs in every genre of Boston children’s entertainment.

Boston children's entertainment features quality and variety

For magic fans, Boston children’s entertainment magicians will materialize fantastic sleight of hand that will amaze young and older alike. Their huge repertoire includes levitation, cups and balls, rope tricks, and other mind-boggling surprises that will astound young guests. Similarly, our story tellers will rivet your guests to their seats as they listen to their tall tales of mystery and adventure. Other programs of our Boston children’s entertainment include Boston caricature artists and face painters. Youngsters with artistic natures delight in observing and being part of a creative process. Boston children’s entertainment features caricature artists who offer talented and amusing renderings that will be especially treasured by your birthday party guests. At the same time, each youngster’s vision for face painting will be fully indulged by our professionals. Your child’s creativity and imagination will be inspired by the beautiful work drawn by these talented Boston children’s entertainment artisans.

Imagine the welcome surprise on your child’s face when his or her party is visited by a colorful costumed character from Birthdayworks. Kids costumed characters Boston kick your child’s party into high gear with plenty of joyful singing and dancing. Our Boston children’s entertainment has many characters available from pirates and princesses to friendly ghosts, life-size bunnies and bees! Birthdayworks jugglers and singing telegrams always make Boston children’s entertainment even more memorable for young guests. Children are especially transfixed by a juggler’s skill and artistry while singing telegrams – everyone from “Elvis” to a singing gorilla – will make your star of the day feel extra special!

Boston children’s entertainment is at your service

Each of our performers is well-versed and knowledgeable about classic and current aspects of their specialties. For instance, Birthdayworks magicians offer exciting dimensions to favorite cups and balls routines while, at the same time, presenting new and exciting tricks with levitating ropes and oriental rings. Similarly, our clowns shine with their much beloved comic antics as much as with the new twists and turns to their always popular balloon animals.

Birthdayworks jugglers and singing telegrams are sure to be memorable and fun-loving for young guests. Children are especially fascinated by children’s entertainment Boston jugglers’ skill and precision while singing telegrams – everyone from pirates to singing bees – will make your child’s birthday party a very positive, unforgettable experience.

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