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Older children (eight years of age or older) may be less interested in Boston clowns or magicians for birthday party entertainment than their younger peers. For this reason, a BIRTHDAYWORKS Boston caricature artist offers just the right touch for making their birthday party truly special! Since they can be more focused and possess a growing curiosity regarding the world around them, older children are especially attracted to a Boston caricature artist and the phenomenon of cartooning images of each of their party guests. As the comical portraits are skillfully rendered by our Boston caricature artist, the kids delight in comparing how each of them was interpreted. Our website shows several photos of each Boston caricature artist.

Boston caricature artist entertains kids with enthusiasm

Your older child will join his or her guests as they watch, with intense interest as a Boston caricature artist works his or her wonders. Always enthusiastic about the creative endeavor, a Boston caricature artist carries on conversation with each subject as they produce the portrait. This gives the Boston caricature artist a sense of the personality traits he or she may express as he develops the artwork. The finished product ideally captures a likeness as well as the nature of each child. The souvenir of a memorable birthday party Boston is taken home with pride.

Boston caricature artist must be a keen observer

Each Boston caricature artist is among the most select professionals currently practicing their craft in Massachusetts. Many have earned their diplomas from the finest colleges and art academies both here and abroad. Highly respected and accomplished in their field, a Boston caricature artist combines a keen eye for physical characteristics with an intrinsic ability to read personalities that successfully captures the true nature of their subjects. Their final product is always a work of art that is fun, humorous and delights both the guest of honor and his or her guest.

Boston caricature artist works with speed and agility

A Boston caricature artist also offers value and quality. Our caricature artists can draw fifteen black and white portraits or paint ten highly colorful sketches in one hour’s time. Customers can realize a price reduction with a multiple hour stay, making our services even more affordable. Frames and/or mats can be supplied and artworks can be easily mounted for an extra fee.

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