Boston Area Caricature Artists

Perhaps you’ve been to a birthday party and noticed the excited buzz of conversation around the Boston area caricature artists as they masterfully works their craft? But did you know that this same sense of fun can be found with Boston area caricature artists in Massachusetts at other events, as well? BIRTHDAYWORKS Boston area caricature artists create the same festive atmosphere at virtually any other social event of a host’s choosing. Our premier Boston area caricature artists are available for festivals, weddings, bar and bat mitzvahs, and special business promotions. Their efforts and special talents will make any occasion both fun and memorable. Many participants at social events where our Boston area caricature artists are at work greatly treasure their own caricatures as family keepsakes for years to come. View our website for more information.

Boston Area Caricature Artists Create Imaginative Portraits

Event planners Boston frequently praise the dedication to quality and productivity of our Boston area caricature artists. Each of our cartoonists Boston can draw fifteen black and white portraits or paint ten beautiful renderings all within just one hour. In addition, caricature entertainment can easily be accommodated into party planner budgets. Customers can see a price reduction with a multiple hour stay, making our Boston area caricature artists services within easy reach. Frames and/or mats can be supplied and artworks can be easily mounted for an extra fee.

Boston Area Caricature Artists are Professionals in Everyway

Boston area caricature artists are both highly skilled and talented. They create caricatures that good naturedly exhibit the best in their subjects’ personality and character traits. Their gift is rare and truly remarkable and it allows them to create caricatures that are treasured by their subjects for years to come in rememberance of a great Birthday party Boston experience.

Our cartoonists Boston make great entertainment for all age groups

For older children celebrating their birthdays, our Boston area caricature artists offer a fascinating experience with youngsters often transfixed and thrilled by the artist and the creative process.

Each Boston area caricature artist is counted among a select group of elite professionals currently practicing their craft in Massachusetts. Many have earned their diplomas from the finest colleges and art academies both here and abroad.

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Boston area caricature artists are available throughout the state

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