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Party entertainment is only as good as the entertainers themselves. All birthday party clowns in MA realize this is especially true when it comes to children’s birthday parties – kids can be the toughest critics when it comes to such occasions!

This is why BIRTHDAYWORKS and our premier MA clowns are the best choice for parents planning kids’ party entertainment in MA and all over New England. Our birthday party clowns in MA have solid backgrounds in providing top-notch children’s entertainment throughout the area. Browse our website at to learn more.

The best children’s entertainment in MA

Birthday party clowns in MA have typically performed in the most famous and celebrated traveling circuses in America, France and Russia. These MA clowns are multi-talented. All of our birthday party clowns in MA offer the most sought after skills including balloon art, comic antics, juggling, magic and face painting. Birthday party clowns in MA performances are filled with activities that will undoubtedly capture the imagination of all children and create an experience that will become a cherished childhood memory.

Our brightly costumed, friendly and appealing birthday party clowns in MA are dedicated to presenting the best all-around shows ideally suited for children. The birthday party clowns in MA also feature thrilling acts not commonly found in birthday party entertainment including working with animals, imaginative game playing, music and stilt-walking!

In addition to MA clowns, Birthdayworks offers other popular children’s party shows including:

About MA Clown Programs

Most often, our birthday party clowns in MA present shows that are 1 ¼ hours in length. Basic shows include simple magic, balloon creations and face painting. Face painting and balloon creations, always a party highlight, follow activities. The music and game program is always a much anticipated favorite. Another popular choice is the clown/kids’ character show where a MA clown portrays the character of your choice for the first ½ hour, followed by a basic show for the next hour. Our birthday party clowns in MA are focused upon offering the best activity experience possible for our young guests!

For details, visit our website at to view a photo gallery of our fantastic birthday party clowns in MA and learn more about our services. For more information about our programs, including fees and availability, feel free to call us.

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