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For young children, animals are a welcome highlight to any birthday party. For this reason, birthday party clowns MA provided by BIRTHDAYWORKS often offer a full complement of animals shows for your child’s big day. A visit to our website displays photos of our wonderful MA clowns and gives information about their exciting programs.

Children are truly amazed at the sight of our birthday party clowns MA working with such animals as rabbits, doves and pigs during their parties. Our birthday party clowns MA have a gentle, caring approach toward these animals that welcomes interaction with children. Young guests not only get to view our animals but can also get up close to view and pet these wonderful additions to our birthday party Boston programs.

Kid’s party entertainment in MA

Along with featured animal shows, we also provide celebrated birthday party clowns MA for public and private occasions including fairs, corporate events, special promotions and festivals. Each brightly costumed and enthusiastic birthday party clown MA is highly acclaimed and talented in magic, juggling, face painting, comic antics and balloon art.

Our birthday party clowns MA are versatile, experienced professionals. Each birthday party clown MA has a strong background in providing children’s entertainment in the MA area.

Each birthday party clown MA for rent has had extensive careers -- many have traveled in circuses across America, France and Russia. A birthday party clown MA may also possess more skills such as thrilling juggling or stilt walking acts. Our birthday party clowns MA expertise may include imaginative music and game programs that will capture the attention of children and adults alike!

In addition to birthday party clowns MA, Birthdayworks' high quality entertainment includes:

About MA party clown programs

Our birthday parties are typically 1 ¼ hours in length. Our basic show includes simple magic, balloon creations and face painting. Our birthday party clowns MA are especially committed to promoting the best experience imaginable for our young guests. Another popular choice is the clown/kids’ character show where a MA clown portrays the character of your choice for the first ½ hour, followed by a basic show for the next hour.

Please visit our website at to see photos of our extraordinary birthday party clowns MA. For more information about our programs, including fees and availability, call us.

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