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BIRTHDAYWORKS has adorable and funny birthday party clowns BOSTON to entertain your guests at birthday parties, festivals, corporate events, promotions, and fairs. Our birthday party clowns BOSTON bring amusement and excitement to any event. Highly skilled in simple magic, balloon art, face painting, juggling, and even storytelling, our birthday party clowns Boston are well-known as top level children’s entertainers throughout the state. Visit our website at to see our excellent and colorful professional birthday party clowns Boston as well as magicians, jugglers, caricature artists and more.

Select a Birthday Party Clown BOSTON arrangement that meets your needs

Elect the birthday party arrangement for your child that suits his or her interests and age group. Birthdaywork provides birthday party clowns BOSTON for any type of occasion and for all tastes. For small boys and girls the music and games, face painting, and then the creation of artful balloon animals are a delightful option. This basic program which features a simple magic show is ideal for five, six, and seven year olds. Our colorful MA clowns, both male and female are exceptional in conducting fun and exciting parties for all ages no matter which activities are chosen. Our website at has more information and also a photo gallery of our wonderful birthday party clowns BOSTON which gives an insightful look into our company.

Our birthday party clowns BOSTON are available for special community and corporate events throughout the state. We can customize our program to the specific needs of the occasion and adjust our costuming as well. Light make up is always available for younger kids. Please enquire with a Birthdayworks party planner.

BIRTHDAYWORKS other Children’s Entertainment Services

Our birthday party clowns BOSTON also provide alternative celebration services. Playing the role of different children’s characters, our clowns fascinate little kids with their comical behavior. Programs vary in length according to your specific entertainment needs.

Birthdayworks also offers the following Children’s Entertainers:

Please visit our website at to find out what else our birthday party clowns BOSTON have to offer you. Their exciting feats and amazing costumes will dazzle any event. Please call us to learn more about our rates, fees, and availability.

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